Collect points every time you buy a Bosch automotive product from the range below.

Bosch Automotive Products

Category Product* Points
Braking Systems Brake Pads 25
Braking Systems Perfect Stop Brake Pads 12
Braking Systems Brake Discs 35
Braking Systems Shoes and Drums 10
Braking Systems Perfect Stop Brake Shoes 5
Lighting Bulbs 2
Oxygen Sensors Oxygen Sensors Gasoline & Diesel 35
Sensors Sensors 35
Fuel Pumps Fuel Pumps 50
Plugs Spark Plugs 5
Plugs Glow Plugs 3
Ignition Coils Ignition Coils 20
Rotating Machines Alternators (New & Reman) 50
Rotating Machines Starters (New & Reman) 30
Filters Oil Filters 5
Filters Diesel Filters 5
Filters Gasoline Filters 5
Filters Cabin Filters 5
Filters Denoxtronic Filters 20
Wiper Blades Conventional Blades 3
Wiper Blades Beam Blades 10
Wiper Blades Perfect View Wipers 5
Batteries Car Batteries 120

*Product refers to Bosch branded products only and does not include private label.